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Watermark protection

Last updated on Apr 20, 2023

The watermark is a security feature that serves to protect your images from being copied by a third party. A preview of your current watermark configuration is visible under the “Preview” section.

Open the administration interface

The administration interface may not be available to all users. Certain users may also have restricted access to only certain features. If the below steps are not applicable to you, please consult your administrator.

  1. Click on the ⚙️Admin button in the main menu.

  2. In the Properties section, click Watermark.

Enabling watermark protection

Your company’s name is set on your images by default. You can customize your watermark by uploading your logo.

Select your watermark’s desired position and level of opacity (lower means less visible; higher means more visible). The preview section should update accordingly and show you the current configuration.

Disabling watermark protection

Disable the watermark protection by selecting None in the position dropdown menu. In this case, no watermark will be visible on your images.

Note: Changes to your watermark configuration will apply to all properties. If you have photos that have already been watermarked by the system, it may take several days for the changes to propagate but, any new properties will immediately receive the latest watermark configuration.