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Pipelines can be configured in the system to organize and assign leads at scale. It’s a great tool to help users prioritize the right tasks, make follow-ups and never leave any client unattended. Even though pipelines are great to handle sales enquiries, they can also be used for other purposes thanks to it’s dynamic configuration options. Open the administration interface The administration interface may not be available to all users. Certain users may also have restricted access to only certain features. If the below steps are not applicable to you, please consult your administrator. 1. Click on the ⚙️Admin button in the main menu. 2. In the Deals section, click Pipelines. Switching between pipelines You can have multiple pipelines configured on your system. Use the dropdown menu on the top right hand side to switch between different pipelines. Creating a new pipeline Click on the ➕New button and enter the name of the pipeline, then press 💾Save. Next you’ll need to create stages within the pipeline, which deals will be divided into. We recommend to have at least three (3) stages per pipeline. You can create a new stage by pressing on the ➕Stage button. Updating a pipeline To make changes to an existing pipeline, ensure you have switched to the pipeline you want to update, then press ✏️Edit. Deleting a pipeline To delete an existing pipeline, ensure you have switched to the pipeline you want to delete, then press 🗑️Delete. If any deals already exist in the pipeline, you will be given an option to have them trashed or moved to a different pipeline.

Last updated on Apr 20, 2023